Padel Tennis

What is Padel?

Padel essentially takes the best parts of tennis and squash to create the most social, inclusive and addictive sport we’ve ever experienced.

Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, dominating Europe and growing in the UK.

Played mostly as a four in doubles, Padel is easy to pick up making for a fun game for all ages and abilities.

Play once and you’re hooked!

The Court

A Padel court is roughly a third of the size of a tennis court, enclosed by fencing at the sides and toughened glass or perspex at the back of the court.

This allows the ball to remain in play after hitting the walls, creating a quick game with more exciting rallies and less stoppages.

The Kit

A Padel racket is short and stringless, making shots much easier to play for beginners.

A padel ball is much like a tennis ball but with less pressure.

Champneys members and guests will have access to free use of rackets and balls when booking courts.

The Rules

Padel is played as a four (doubles). The game begins by an underarm serve, diagonally into the opposite corner on the oppositions side.

Similar to tennis scoring, matches are played in 3 sets of 6 games. To win the game, a team must win 2 of the 3 sets. If there is a tie on 40 – 40, rather than deuce, a ‘golden point’ is played, meaning the next point takes the game – making for a faster and more exciting game.

Points are won if:

  • The ball bounces more than once.
  • If the ball strikes a player.
  • The ball hits the wall or fence before going over the net, or into the opponents’ side of the court.

To Book:

Courts are charged by the hour.

Please contact the Fitness Desk to book the court.

Racquets and balls are included.

Padel Intro sessions will be available for members free of charge for their first session.