Make the most of your trip and ensure you are ski fit!

Solid physical preparation can make the difference between you having an incredible skiing experience or an incredibly painful experience!

This ski fitness programme offers some practical tips for preparing you for the ski season ahead, as well as a ski specific training programme.

The series of stretches and strengthening exercises have been specifically designed for skiers. Our exercises are designed to increase your optimal range of motion and strength across the key joints used while skiing.

There is an emphasis on independent leg strength and control.

Performed correctly these exercises will increase your performance and reduce the chance of injury*.


Which muscles do what when we ski?

  • Calves are under constant strain because of the forward flexion built into ski boots.
  • Obliques keep lower body/upper body separation.
  • Biceps, triceps and lats are used when ‘’pole-ing’’ on the flat or up hill.
  • Glutes and hamstrings stabilise your body downhill.
  • Quads hold you in position and provide protection for your knees.
  • To keep you in the forward position your back is under constant strain.
  • Inner thighs keep your skis together.
  • Outer thighs help you steer and keep your body stable.
  • Your core helps maintain your structural alignment and protects your spine.

The programme will focus on the 5 key fitness areas required for you to enjoy your skiing trip:

  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Balance and Agility Training
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Plyometrics
  • Flexibility

* Good levels of cardiovascular fitness will help raise concentration and performance levels to respond to changing terrain more confidently.

* Develop Lower Body/Core Functional Strength and Proprioception (Balance)

* Lower body (leg) strength and muscular endurance is high priority along with balance and reaction speeds. Strength training should ideally combine eccentric, concentric and depending on ability some plyometric muscle work.

* Core stability is of course key in most sports, and particularly in "Balance" sports.

What is included?

Ski Programme Guide

  • A full 6 week training programme.

Price: £55


Ski Programme Plus

  • A 1:1 session with a programme trainer to design your programme.
  • 6 x Personal Training Sessions (30 mins)
  • A full 6 week training programme.

Special Offer: £199

Normally: £275


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