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Heidi Cowen has been dedicated to helping individuals of all ages and skill levels achieve their swimming goals for over 40 years. Whether you're a first-time swimmer, returning to the pool, or aiming to improve your performance, Heidi has you covered.

Duration: Choose from 55-minute sessions for £65 or 25-minute sessions for just £35

All-Inclusive: Heidi works with everyone, from beginners to competitive swimmers, children, adults, and those looking to conquer their fear of water.

Tailored Approach: Whether you're striving for personal bests or simply want to enjoy the water for health or leisure, Heidi tailors the lessons to meet your unique needs.

Proven Success: With experience as a competitive swimmer and triathlete, Heidi has the knowledge and skills to guide you toward success in the water.

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About Heidi Cowen

Helping others learn to swim has been my passion since I was 16, all those years ago!

I am successful in working with anyone who wants to learn to swim to achieve what they want.

First time swimmers, children or adults, even those coming back to swimming after a while.

If you are afraid of water, or if you are trying to achieve your best times, I can help. Maybe, you just want to enjoy the water more for your health, or that seaside holiday swimming with turtles.

As a competitive swimmer and triathlete, with nearly 40 years of swimming teaching experience, I can help you achieve what you want in the water.